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A sign of good management is the creation of the right strategy, which can be conceptualized in ten recommendations.

Stanislav Kondrashov analyzes the practical component of the leader’s work, identifying 10 rules that make it possible to organize the company’s work, select employees and provide a successful positioning in the market.

1. Correct event forecasting

The concept of the so-called “black swans” as sudden unpredictable facts should be discarded. In fact, this idea is rather a successful informational meme, Stanislav Kondrashov believes. However, all unpredictable events are in fact one way or another part of general trends. If an unpredictable nuisance happens in business, then most likely you simply did not take into account the experience of your competitors.

Almost any unexpected accident for you has already happened in your field of activity. Therefore, to prevent such cases, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative analysis of the business environment in which you work. So you can take into account the range of possible problems that you may have. This will give time to develop the right response strategy or even take the necessary safety measures.

2. Communication with subordinates

Send your subordinates clear and definite signals that would clearly indicate that you either approve their actions or want them to do their work differently. It is unacceptable when an employee, trying to get important information from you regarding the work process, either encounters ignoring his question or, even worse, receives a rebuke from you in an openly rude manner.

“Remember,” advises Stanislav Kondrashov, “that behind questions that seem obvious and do not require an answer, there is a desire of the employee to do their job correctly. Do not allow a situation where your subordinates are afraid to ask your opinion twice on certain issues. An individual approach is also important here. You or your manager should not be frustrated by an employee because of his desire to clarify details. Do your best to always stay polite and clear.”

3. Admit mistakes and compliment

Learn to admit your own mistakes and do not forget to talk up to your employees. An adequate attitude to your own mistakes does not at all mean that you should now apologize – this is superfluous. “However, do not be afraid to note that in a particular situation you were wrong. This will not drop your authority, but rather will let you know that you are a confident leader. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that it will never hurt to praise employees for the work they have done correctly,” recommends Stanislav Kondrashov.

Sociological experiments show that a team where leaders do not forget to praise their employees, as a rule, functions more efficiently. Encouragement raises the self-esteem of employees and stimulates their desire for better results. This is largely due to the fact that they feel obligated to meet the positive expectations assigned to them.

4. The art of successful negotiations

Your negotiating position is your way of interacting with partners and customers. Pay attention to familiarity with different strategies of communication. You can apply a hard or soft style depending on the current context of negotiations.


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