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Tamebay live is your opportunity to meet speakers from marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Fruugo, and Enable All will all be attending and ready to answer any questions you may have, so register now to ensure you don’t miss their sessions. As well as answering questions from attendees, the speakers from marketplaces presentations are designed to help you grow your business in 2022.

Tickets for Tamebay Live are free and as well as attending online you’ll also get access to watch any masterclasses you miss on demand after the event, so click here to register.


Bianca Butler – Marketing Specialist, Amazon Ads

Bianca is a Senior Advertising Specialist on the Advertiser Education team at Amazon Ads, catering to international marketplaces with a focus on the UK. Bianca’s team hosts interactive webinars on every aspect of advertising with Amazon, from topic-specific sessions on keywords and bidding to optimizing and analysing campaigns for success.

Thomas Poulain – Senior Marketplace Consultant

Thomas is a Senior Marketplace Consultant at Amazon EU who has been recruiting and growing Selling Partners on Amazon Stores in Europe for nearly 2 years. In parallel he has been running webinars on Amazon tools dedicated to Brand Owner Selling Partners.

Oscar Webb – Senior Account Manager

Oscar is a Sr Account Manager at Amazon UK focused on helping UK Selling Partners successfully expand their businesses to Europe leveraging Amazon’s cross-border fulfilment programs.


Ellen Mikals – Senior Product Activation Manager

Ellen Mikals joined eBay’s third party advertising team in November 2018 having previously been in a commercial partnerships role responsible for contract negotiations in the EU market. Ellen has been in digital advertising industry for over 9 years, and started her career in the online gaming sector helping US businesses establish their presence in Europe.

As a regular seller on eBay, Ellen was excited to join the promoted listings team when the opportunity arose. Her focus is launching new promoted listings products across Europe and working on product enhancements that will help sellers of any size to grow their eBay business.

Irene Keay – Senior Manager, Shipping & Logistics

With 20 years’ experience across a breadth of ecommerce supply chain and logistics, Irene has been with eBay’s Shipping team since 2014. She has worked extensively on flagship programmes such as Click and Collect, the Global Shipping Programme and tracking services. Operating through significate challe

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