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The pandemic has drastically disrupted our lives in multiple ways affecting communities and businesses globally. Apart from its life taking activities, the heinous virus took its toll particularly on the economy and the workforce linked with various multinational cooperations, affecting the way organizations were performing and the essence of a coworking environment. However, there is one niche that boomed during the sudden COVID-19 outbreak and that is serviced office market.

The serviced office market has remained one of the most unshakeable businesses in uncertain times. Following an upward trajectory, the sector always managed to preserve its longevity for the past four decades. The sector continues to grow due to the increasing demand for business flexibility.

What’s Trending in the Serviced Office Arena?

A serviced office offers a fully furnished and ready-to-use equipment set up for businesses. They are known for their expert and businesses friendly design that can help get business underway faster and easier. They are available in multiple sizes, depending upon the occupier’s preferences.

Even after a positive growth rate in vaccination, many companies still hesitate to return to pre-COVID office schedules, leading to a definite shift towards services offices and it has started to develop some peculiar trends.  Here are some of them:

1. The Demand for Remote Positions

A few years ago, before the pandemic hit our society, humans were unable to imagine doing their regular 9 to 5 jobs without even attending workplaces. Tech giants like Apple continued to build and modify their futuristic headquarters to attract more and more employees. However, the booming corporate campuses are no longer lively like they were at a certain time. This is because the post-COVID now demands more remote positions than ever.

The workforce has tasted the forbidden work from home fruit and now it’s quite common that employees, as well as companies, are willing to work remotely. This makes it easy for companies to rely on serviced office concepts, overall boosting its demand.

2. Moving Toward Serviced Offices

During the height of the viral outbreak, whole commercial office buildings remained empty. Though the floors were devoid of any human activity, he lease and rent did not stop and companies were forced to pay for it.

Serviced offices have really change the commercial real estate trends as companies are now moving towards it and abandoning large, expensive offices. At the same time, this has given rise to lots of commercial office properties being converted to small rental units that serve the exact purpose serviced office seekers are looking for.

3. Co-Working is The New Workspace

Though remote working positions are still in demand, the rise of serviced office industry has led to some major advantage for the co working industry. Already providing the same amenities that can be expected of any serviced office industry, these offices are now being caught be large firms for their serviced offices.

4. The Rise of Hybrid Models

Businesses are expecting their employees to return

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