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Marketing a business is a critical component of not only raising brand awareness and providing information on products and services, but it is also one of the most important contributors to winning new business. However, between the strategy and the execution, a successful approach to marketing can take up time and resources, especially for someone who might not have a marketing background. Tasks such as sending emails, making promotional materials, and more, require time and effort that a lot of business owners don’t have the capacity for, nor do their employees.

Instead, streamlining and automating the marketing lifecycle can give back some of that time to focus on other important tasks crucial to the success of the overall business, such as building and managing customer relationships, ensuring better service, and driving sales. Digital marketing automation can help drive business growth through prospects, sales, customer satisfaction, and advocacy, but there are factors that companies need to take into consideration when implementing their marketing plans.

The role of an automated process

Marketing automation helps companies with their marketing initiatives and efforts by streamlining everyday, tedious processes. For example, companies no longer need to carve out time in their days to send follow-up emails to clients and prospective customers. Instead, automated outreach can send pre-crafted emails at a set time after initial outreach. Email marketing is still the most efficient way to reach out and interact with both current and prospective customers. With automated email outreach, businesses can increase productivity and generate leads in less time. This allows for greater opportunities to personalize the experience for each customer as well as catch up on other important business tasks that have been put off.

For small businesses especially, digital marketing automation is crucial for optimizing processes. With limited time, resources, budgets, and employees, often business owners are playing multiple roles within the company. Automating the marketing lifecycle can eliminate these tedious tasks without decreasing the outreach and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

For companies thinking about automation but not quite sure where or when to begin, here are some factors to consider:

  • Prioritize and send messages to highly targeted audiences, including both existing and prospective customers automatically
  • Continue to nurture and connect with leads and prospects
  • Remain relevant to customers and maintain or even increase your touchpoints
  • Emphasis on personalized communication, especially when mass communication is required in outreach
  • Optimize opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Capabilities to manage the success of marketing campaigns

Dynamics of marketing automation

Marketing strategies are made up of campaigns in order to promote businesses and reach prospects. Within the campaigns, there are breakdowns on what companies will do moving forward with their initiative. Factors such as how they will reach their customers and potential customers, what they will do to reach these audiences, and why they are doing it. When it comes to choosing the right campaign and what to do, a common first step is choosing between digital or traditional methods of outreach.

As new tools and technologies are continually evolving, digital marketing outreach has become a primary source of marketing initiatives. Everything from email campaigns to social media campaigns,

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