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Starting Out Working from Home

Working from home can be a challenge if you are new to it, or its been forced upon you by circumstances out of your control. Maybe a job loss, health issues, the pandemic, stress from traditional work environments…whatever the reason, we find ourselves at home and having to create a productive work space and environment.

There is a period of settling in – how to deal with kids at home, maybe online schooling and they need assistance; not having a work space predefined; perhaps now working and living 24 hours a day with a spouse. There are many challenges that we encounter when we first start to work at home.

And then there are the interruptions – others who are also starting to work from home or are maybe not working al all might need support or interaction. Sometimes its difficult to explain to them that NO you cannot go and meet them for coffee – you have work to do, a boss (the client) who is expecting you to deliver; a family that needs to be fed; your own self worth that needs some attention and sustenance.


Re-educate yourself is the key to successfully working from home

When I first started working from home, it was around 2009 – and not that common to have a home office job. I refrained from telling clients I was working from home as it felt like there was some stigma that perhaps I couldn’t get a proper job where I went to an office each day. My work was web development – but actually I wasn’t a web developer – I was a business guy, a good strategist and ideas person. But now I was building websites and had to learn everything I could from Youtube, Google Search and online courses.

Somehow through trial and error and a lot of hours in front of a screen I learned how to build WordPress sites, setup a Linux web server, manage that web server…in fact do every job from talking to the client, building the website, managing the email accounts, server updates, WP, theme and plugin updates, pay the bills, collect the receipts…and get the accounting done, even though sometimes it was late.

But, it was a lonely job and I resorted to working part time a few hours a day at a Deli just so I could interact with other humans. However it was rewarding and I began to understand how much I could learn and utilise in a new career. That was back then.

Now of course the online learning landscape is 100 times bigger and easier to navigate and find courses to upskill yourself. In 2020 the online courses are better, more valuable, and less expensive than in 2009. There is nothing you cannot learn if you can persevere and get over the initial hurdles. Many times I would resort to redoing courses that I didn’t get….sometimes three or fours times I would redo the videos until things started to sink in.


If you first don’t get what is you are trying to learn don’t give up. Keep going and revisit again in a days time


Working at home can however be never ending. You get out of bed in the morning and check the emails, or your job board…make a coffe and work starts. Next minute its 8pm and you can still see there is a list of things to do. Having a home business can become an obsession more so than working in an office, and it can affect your family life and your health.

Having some diversions is important to help stay in touch with others and not become a total recluse. There are a lot of simple things you can do from your home office – a basic yoga routine and a simple meditation practice are what I tend to do. But I also share meals with neighbours who are also working from home and we take turn about cooking. This forces me away from my desk and computer and keeps reality within view.

Please share your own work at home experiences below in comments section if you wish. Wishing all readers well at this time



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