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  • Sector / Category : Online Tutor
  • Is Job Remote : Job is Remote
  • Employment Type : FULLTIME
  • Employer Name : ICBC E-learning
  • Employer Location :
  • Country : US
  • Minimum Salary : Not declared
  • Maximum Salary : Not declared
  • Salary Currency : US
  • Date Posted : Aug 5th 2022
  • Listing source : LinkedIn

Tips: The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC) is an international professional organization, chartered in the States of Delaware and Washington, the USA with an international administrative office in Canada and training centers in some African, Asian, and European countries. We have a growing global presence with a strong focus on professional values and high ethical standards, plus the opportunity for study and career advancement. ICBC E-learning was conceptualized to add knowledge and value to a global knowledge-based economy. Businesses today increasingly require professionals who can integrate knowledge from multiple sources to address strategic business issues and help create new innovation-driven business models. ICBC E-learning is an open classroom for all irrespective, of geographical location through online learning, ICBC has empowered millions of learners to unlock their potential and become agents of change. Responsibilities: We are creating, partnering, and promoting an online training platform that will bring together the best institutions and partners from all around the world to build courses for everyone, everywhere in the world. The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), welcome you to list your online courses and become an Instructor on our robust and sophisticated ICBC E-learning platform ( Qualifications: The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), welcome you to enroll and become an Instructor on the ICBC E-learning platform (

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