Remote Support Technician

Job Sector: Computer Help Desk

Remote Support Technician


  • Sector / Category : Computer Help Desk
  • Is Job Remote : Job is Remote
  • Employment Type : FULLTIME
  • Employer Location : Key West
  • Country : US
  • Minimum Salary : Not declared
  • Maximum Salary : Not declared
  • Salary Currency : US
  • Date Posted : Sep 21st, 2022
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Aleknagik Technology, LLC is seeking a Remote Support Technician Clearance Requirement: Active Secret Clearance Must have 8570 certification and current Security CE (enrolled in CEP) certification prior to accepting employment with Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Job Description: The Contractor shall provide 24 hours/day, 365 days/year support (24 hours/day, 366 days/year support in Leap Year) at NHJ and the identified locations. The hours of operation of the Prime Period of Service (PPS) are dependent upon normal clinic hours as designated by Branch Health Clinic Officer in Charge (OIC). There may be instances where support may be required outside the PPS at no additional cost to the Government. The Contractor shall provide daily on-site support at the Branch Health Clinics through installation, troubleshooting, and support of networked computing devices and stand-alone computing devices. This includes configuring and storing the deployable image for each End User Device within the standards and supervision of NHJ. The Contractor shall assist with patches and scripting on remote machines as required. The Contractor shall perform these responsibilities independently of the main MID facility. The Contractor shall perform daily activities including, but not limited to, processing service tickets related to computer problems, domain account / access, password resets, CAC PIN resets and mapping to shared drives/printers and various computer peripherals; additionally, the Contractor shall also assist with the IT administration of staff personnel (military, civilian, and Contractor employees) checking in/out of the command. Responsibilities may include such things as configuring and installing new or replacement computers and network printers; and maintaining network switches, routers and cabling. IT Administration requests include such things as signing the checkout sheet, obtaining the necessary paperwork for network accounts and email account, setting up the account within the network, troubleshooting, and correcting problems remotely or, if required, on-site. Knowledge of printer functions, connectivity, and experience with basic troubleshooting of printing and scanning devices including, but not limited to, networked Multifunction Devices (MFD) such as Xerox MFD’s. Shall have experience with trouble ticket systems such as NHJ Trouble Ticket System, Remedy (or similar system) and documentation required within the system. Knowledge of experience with lifecycle management of End User Devices, printers, mobile computing devices and other peripherals Working knowledge and experience with Windows 2007 & Windows 10, to include all current versions of Windows, and will stay abreast of Window advancements and be familiar with future versions of Windows, which will be at no additional cost to the Government. Understands and has experience with e-mail, encryption and voice Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry device applications. Ability to maintain an accurate database of hardware and accessories with the communications skills to keep the COR aware of needs and requirements of the program. Experience in set-up, configuration, and management of Blackberry devices, Apple Devices and Android Devices as well as users accounts for the aforementioned devices and troubleshooting. Understanding of network essentials, such as port security, switches, etc. Knowledge of and experience with software packages including the Microsoft Office bundle and, Adobe, present versions and shall stay abreast of and future releases as they come available. Understanding of network essentials, troubleshooting network and cable connectivity using Fluke equipment. Experience with Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) setup and troubleshooting. Experience with setup and troubleshooting IP cameras. Experience with Mobile Device Management (MDM). Experience should include over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices. Must meet at time of award and maintain all Information Assurance IA Training (IAT) Level II requirements. At time of award, maintain all certification and training requirements for the Journeyman level of Specialty Area Career Field 41, Customer Service and Technical Support. NHJ Computing Environment (CE) training/certification required prior to privileged access being granted. This training differs for each position depending on the computer environment he or she will be working and is included in the training. At time of award and maintain all IA Training Level II requirements of the IA/Cyber Security Workforce Improvement Program. At time of award and maintain all certification and training requirements for the Journeyman level. For remote location support, the Contractor shall perform the same tasks defined for Help Desk Support as well as the Computer Support Technician (outlined above) with the addition of the below tasks: Performs integrated testing of applications created for use on the master system image. Leads deploying, troubleshooting, and configuring machines in his/her clinic area. Works with the server managers and network operations to test, integrate, or modify systems. Ensures the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles and practices are understood in the delivery of customer support services. Ensures the application of appropriate security measures for each assigned job. Provides support in a manner that minimizes interruptions in customers’ ability to carry out critical business activities. Plans, implements, and manages problem management systems designed to effectively recognize report, track, and resolve customer problems. Researches, evaluates and provides feedback on problematic trends and patterns in customer support requirements. If the problem is Software oriented, the Remote Support Technician shall call the appropriate point of contact and work with all stakeholders, including the customer to troubleshoot where appropriate. Installs and configures hardware such as workstations, laptops, printers, servers, mobile computing devices, etc. Identifies via the Internet and Intranet, software application patches or hardware drivers required to maintain network security. Ensures all supported hardware, software, and operating systems are in compliance with DISA STIGs, DISA Gold Disk standards, SCAP, IAVM notices, CTOs, etc. prior to deployment and shall remain compliant after deployment. Maintains latest security patches to meet DoD requirements. Patches will be applied in accordance with IAVM (A/B/T) requirements. Performs Patch management and other system upgrades during non-peak hours to ensure business operations are not negatively impacted. Any exceptions shall be submitted to the COR for approval two (2) business days prior to proposed timeline to push patches during peak hours. Performs Patch Management using the DISA approved Compliance Remediation tools, as well as other complementary remediation tools such as Microsoft WSUS, Microsoft SMS/SCCM, Shavlik, batch scripts, Navy Medicine provided and approved tools, etc. All identified vulnerabilities shall be remediated. Provides all VTC support and maintenance. Responsible for installing, deploying, configuring, and managing all aspects of the Navy Medicine DARES as it applies to NHJ computing devices. Responsible for managing group policy for all supported devices. Ensures that All Suspense Dates are met. COR shall be advised in writing two (2) business days prior to a suspense date when the suspense will not be met. All mitigating factors shall be presented to the COR concerning suspense not being met. The COR will determine action required to either meet the suspense date or establish a new suspense date. Maintains standard images for supported computing devices. All images shall be approved by the CCB prior to deployment. This includes ensuring all IA controls are implemented; ensuring all approved hospital applications are included; and ensuring compatibility with all POR systems and other hospital systems. All image builds shall be documented and all system managers shall sign the document acknowledging their approval of the image testing. Provides a written description of changes, tests, and coordinates any required changes, and shall obtain approval of the CCB before making changes to supported networked computing devices. Coordinates with system managers to ensure new application releases are tested and approved prior to full deployment. Once approved, the Contractor shall be responsible for deploying the application. Records customer service requests into the NHJ Trouble Ticket System tracking system, verifying customer data, supplying a trouble call ticket number back to the customer. Documents all call and requests for assistance within NHJ Trouble Ticket System utilizing the appropriate fields. This should provide a relevant description of the problem, the user’s name and location and note any troubleshooting performed over the phone. Assists with the development, updating and maintenance of SOPs/how-to-guides of critical job duties. Records written details and catalog of all current images. Logs all image changes approved by the CCB for each image built including signatures for each system administrator showing their approval of the image testing. Troubleshoots Cisco switches, routers, and cabling. Loads security clients and authorizes within security suite for wireless access. Manages wireless access points and troubleshoot problems. Required Skills: Four (4) years of experience with: Providing tier 1and tier 2 support within the DoD. Troubleshooting mobile computing devices to include, but not be limited to, tablets, smartphones, blackberries, Android, and Apple devices. Troubleshooting printers, MFD and other networked devices. Experience providing remote support as well as using remote support tools such as Dameware and Hyena. One (1) year of experience with and troubleshooting thin client/zero client solutions such as a Clinical Desktop Program (CDP)/Dell Wyse Client. Two (2) years of experience setting-up, configuring, and troubleshooting AV/VTC equipment. Four (4) years of experience with trouble ticket systems such as the NHJ Trouble Ticket system, Remedy, or similar system and the documentation required within the system. Experience Troubleshooting, maintaining, and replacing cisco switches and routers. Experience with SCCM.

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