PC Helpdesk Technicians

Job Sector: Computer Help Desk

PC Helpdesk Technicians


  • Sector / Category : Computer Help Desk
  • Is Job Remote : Job is Remote
  • Employment Type : FULLTIME
  • Employer Name : Adex Corporation
  • Employer Location : Bellevue
  • Country : US
  • Minimum Salary : Not declared
  • Maximum Salary : Not declared
  • Salary Currency : US
  • Date Posted : Jul 29th, 2022
  • Listing source : Jobtml

Job DescriptionHelp Desk TechnicianDomain Knowledge:Operating Systems/Platforms: Able to install OS onto computers and servers Able to add/remove users CompTIA type skillsets Able to install software using package manager of choice Computer Architecture:Understanding of how computer peripherals connect to the computerAble to connect monitor, keyboard and printer to the computerBasic understanding of different system components like CPU, memory, HDD and these components inter-operate.File Systems: Basic File Systems understanding Format a USB-Dongle and transfer >4GB files using USB-Dongle Storage: Basic storage systems understanding Able to restore off of remote networks Networking: Basic networking understanding Understands IP Addressing Understands MAC address, subnet, DNS and DHCP Able to configure workstations Able to configure static routing on a workstationProject Support Role: Complete initial Contact with Site for Scheduling Contact sites for site discovery Confirm device count per site to be shipped Confirm Schedule dates for migrations. Work with team help desk support technicians' for confirmation of all site information is complete and scheduling of site migrations Follow upon completion of migrations for shipping returns and migration tracking totals.Education:Associate degree or specific certification in related field. Has worked on at least one product in the domain and knows 2-3 platforms with professional experience. 2-5 years of experience is considered equivalent.

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