Help Desk Support Technician

Job Sector: Computer Help Desk

Help Desk Support Technician


  • Sector / Category : Computer Help Desk
  • Is Job Remote : Job is Remote
  • Employment Type : FULLTIME
  • Employer Name : Simpson University
  • Employer Location : Redding
  • Country : US
  • Minimum Salary : Not declared
  • Maximum Salary : Not declared
  • Salary Currency : US
  • Date Posted : Jul 22nd, 2022
  • Listing source :

This position is part of the Information Technology department, providing technical support and assistance, by phone, in person, or remotely, relating to computer systems, hardware, and software. The Help Desk Support Technician is also responsible for managing user accounts, creating and maintaining training documentation, and a variety of general tasks to support users’ software and technology needs. Requirements and Qualifications: • Ability to diagnose and resolve basic computer/technical issues • Minimum of two years technology support or Help Desk experience or equivalent technical certification • Ability to work independently and perform responsibilities with minimal direction • Effective communication and interpersonal skills required for dealing with complex confidential issues • A strong willingness to act as part of a team and work supporting people in pressured situations General Expectations: • Demonstrate Simpson University Values in the performance of all duties • Maintain lifestyle in accordance with Simpson University Lifestyle Policy in Staff Handbook • Maintain the confidentiality of information, data and records. Properly use tact, diplomacy, discretion and judgment • Demonstrate strong customer service skills in the performance of job duties • Demonstrate good organizational and communication skills in the performance of job duties • Supervises employees in accordance with Simpson University policies and procedures (for supervisory positions) • Support the overflow needs of other departments within the respective university area • Perform other duties in accordance with this position as deemed necessary by the immediate supervisor Essential Functions: • Provide Help Desk tier 1 support (1st responder to Help Desk requests by web, phone, email, walk-in) • Assign Help Desk tickets to tier 2/3 technicians and coordinate technical support activities • Configure user accounts and user access for all university software and hardware systems • Maintain ID card database and manage the ID card issuance process • Document internal procedures • Manage user account creation and termination • Create and maintain step-by-step training documentation and support material • Maintain directory service data and manage the user authorization and access control process • Maintain inventory campus wide for PCs, printers, software licenses and all other PC hardware • Provide clerical support for the Director of Information Technology Related Responsibilities: • Solve frequently encountered technical problems independently • Stay informed of the latest software, hardware, technology trends and educational issues Physical Requirements: Job Title: Help Desk Support Technician Typical Working Conditions: (Describe environment including exposure to heat, cold, fumes, chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.) Indoors in controlled environment Equipment Used: (List all manual and automated equipment used in the course of performing essential functions.) Computer, scanner, copier, mouse, keyboard, stapler, 3-hole punch, letter opener, screwdriver Essential Physical Tasks: (List all physical tasks encountered in performing essential functions - i.e. sitting for long periods of time using a computer, standing, climbing ladders, etc.) Sitting for long periods of time using a computer, walking to classrooms, lifting 25 lbs., moving computers. Analysis of Physical Demands to Perform Essential Functions: Key (Based on typical week): N=Never R=Rarely (Less than 1 hour per week) O=Occasional (1%-33% of time) F=Frequent (34%-66% of time) C=Constant (over 66% of time) Activity Frequency Activity Frequency N R O F C N R O F C Lifting/Carrying Twisting/Turning X Under 10 lbs X Reach over shoulder X 11-20 lbs X Reach over head X 21-50 lbs X Reach outward X 51-100 lbs X Climb X Over 100 lbs X Crawl X Kneel X Pushing/Pulling Squat X Under 10 lbs X Sit X 11-20 lbs X Walk-Normal Surfaces X 21-50 lbs X Walk-Uneven Surfaces X 51-100 lbs X Walk-Slippery Surfaces X Over 100 lbs X Stand X Bend X Driving Automatic Trans X Standard Trans X Other Keyboard/Ten Key X Fingering (fine dexterity) X Handling (grasping, holding) X Repetitive Motion – Hands X Repetitive Motion - Feet X

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