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It would be very frustrating when you lost such essential data. However, no matter how you want to make sure to save it, there are times when we forgot to do so or just crush and get corrupted. When that happens, you may want to do all things necessary to revive or recover it.

In a world where all people rely on technology, things are possible, including the possibility to recover unsaved excel file. If you have Windows, you need Windows file recovery.

So, there will be no more worries when it comes to a lost file, and you will learn how to recover unsaved word documents in this article.

Instances Where People Forget to Save Files

1. Sudden power failure

You may have tried to take control of everything; there are just things that seem inevitable. Circumstance like the sudden power failure while you are creating the file. And by the time you turn your computer unit back on, the file may not be there anymore. That is why you need windows file recovery software.

2. The file got Corrupted or Crushed

There are various reasons why a file or document got corrupted. For example, when your app has an error while creating a file, it will crush it while you save it into your device’s internal storage or computer. This is one of the few reasons why it got corrupted. But when your computer suffers an error, it will still notify you and gives you the chance to save it. But then, when you feel you have lost an important file, deleted file recovery software free download full version is what you then need.

3. Computer virus intervention

A computer virus can be very harmful, especially to essential files in your computer, especially those you are still trying to save in your internal storage. While there can be software that protects your computer from viruses, there might be times that it will overpower the antivirus software and still manage to destroy your files. If that happens, you need Windows file recovery.

Conventional Ways to Recover Unsaved Word Documents

1. Recover from Temporary Files

Not all users know that the windows operating system has a temporary file feature that would serve as a backup during the regular running operation. This option is the usual Windows file recovery. The feature will temporarily hold the file safe when unexpected things happen, like malfunctioning your personal computer or when it suddenly turned off.

This recovery option is available to windows.

  • From your word document, click on the File tab at the upper left corner.
  • Then click “Info.”
  • Choose “Manage Document”
  • Click “Recover Unsaved Document”

Once you click on the “Recover Unsaved Documents,” it will show you the list of unsaved files.

2. Recover Unsaved file by searching from Auto-Recover Files.

The Microsoft windows have an Auto-Recover feature. This feature will temporarily save unsaved documents during power failure. So, you can recover an unsaved excel file. It works excellent on recovering Microsoft documents.

To check this option, you may follow the steps below:

  • From the Microsoft document, click the file.
  • Then scroll down to “Options,” and it will give y

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