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The business world is currently very unstable. The COVID-19 pandemic affected millions of small businesses around the globe. Most of them were forced to shut down temporarily, while some businesses decided to just close down completely because people were asked to stay at home.

Although getting a small business funding so you can continue to operate is a good idea, it will just stay the same if you don’t know how to promote your business and make sales during these times.

With this pandemic still active outside, turning to online marketing is the best course of action for many entrepreneurs worldwide.

If this is your first time entering this industry, how can you market your business online effectively? We have highlighted some of the simplest ways to do this.

1. You Need a Website

It might seem generic for some people since this is a must if you want to market your products and services online. However, did you know that most of the small businesses don’t even consider having a website?

They are using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market their products and services and they all think that is already enough.

Yes, most of your clients are from these social media sites, but it is better if they can make the transaction on your website instead of just messaging you directly on your direct message.

Get your own domain and look for a reliable hosting provider.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve set up your website, the next step is search engine optimization. You have to remember that your website needs to be visible on the search engines because your clients do not only come on social media.

Most of your traffic will still come from people who are using search engines to look for products and services.

Basically, you need to optimize your website to make sure that the search engines would be able to get as much information on your website as possible.

As long as you provide good quality content and more value to the users, you can have a chance of being placed on the first page of the search engines and get more traffic.

3. Adopt a Responsive Website Design

This is a very important part of marketing your business online. Creating a website is not the only thing that you have to do because you have to make sure that your website is accessible on different devices.

If it was 10 years ago, you will only focus on desktop computers, but today, you need to have a responsive website. Most people are now surfing the web through their mobile phones or tablets so you need to make sure that your website will not look silly when it appears on smaller devices.

You need a design that would make your website adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions. Most of your clients a

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