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Competition for customers is fierce, and this is why it’s crucial to get people talking about your brand. If you’re preparing to launch a new venture, and you’re keen to make a splash and generate a buzz, this guide is packed with ideas.

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Planning a launch event

Many company owners choose to host a launch event to celebrate their new business and reach out to potential new customers. At the moment, it might not be possible to plan a large-scale launch with massive crowds due to Covid-19 restrictions, but there are alternatives. Virtual events are safe and accessible, and you can be really creative in the way you present your business and communicate with buyers, retailers and prospective clients and shoppers. Use the power of social media and advanced, innovative technology to introduce your brand, showcase the products or services you offer and explain the backstory. Give your brand personality and take your moment in the spotlight to tell people who you are and why you wanted to launch this new venture. Engage with customers and buyers online, note down contact details to follow up with leads and try and make the event memorable. Be original and think outside of the box. Match the theme of the event to the types of products and services you offer, and use it to make introductions, to network, to provide detailed information about the business and to start conversations, which you can follow up on after the event.

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Attending events and trade shows

If you have a product to sell, it’s a brilliant idea to look into the possibility of getting a pitch or a stall at trade shows and local or national events or exhibitions. If you have a stand, this is your chance to reach out to customers, to tell buyers all about your business and to convince them to take the all-important next step and place an order. In many cases, when you attend a trade show, you’ll be competing with multiple companies that offer similar products, often with the same target customer in mind. This is why it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. Think about the location of the stand. If there is an option to pay slightly more for a premium position, it’s worth considering paying a higher fee. Focus on drawing people in, catching the eye and triggering intrigue and interest. Make sure your stall looks appealing, make your brand name clear and think about ways you can entice prospective customers.

Handing out promotional items is an excellent idea. People love a freebie, and if you’re giving away free branded merchandise, there is already a reason to visit your stall. Once buyers get there, you can then seize the opportunity to show off your products and chat about the brand. Select promotional gifts and items that reflect the brand and the ideal buyer. If you’re selling to young professionals and office workers, for example, it’s worth reading a buying guide to find the perfect promotional USB drives. If you sell activewear or exercise equipment, and you’re hoping to attract sports lovers and fitness fans, items like sweatbands, water bottles and drawstring gym bags are a great idea.

Engaging with customers is critical at a trade show or an event such as a community festival or a food or travel exhibition. Extend a warm welcome, take time to talk, let people have a look at and try out your products and make sure you have the answers to questions. It’s important to have a clear pricing strategy and to have facts and figures on hand. Making your stand interactive and offering samples will be beneficial if you’re selling products people can eat, drink or play with.

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Digital marketing

Whether you run a business from your home office, or you’re a giant corporation with offices all over the globe, it’s essential to think about how you connect with prospective customers and make your brand name known. Digital marketing is a fabulous tool for small businesses looking to put their name on the map. If you don’t have expertise in this area, it’s worth searching for an agency or working with freelancers with experience in your sector to drive traffic and increase sales.

One of the most important steps to take before you start investing in cutting-edge marketing techniques is setting up a brilliant website. Think of your website as a virtual storefront. You want people to land on your homepage or product pages and want to find out more and take a look at what you have to offer. Aim to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for web users and make sure that it’s easy and hassle-free for people to achieve their objectives. Whether you’re selling products, or you’re hoping for visitors to subscribe to a monthly service or sign up for an email list, the process should be straightforward, quick and stress-free. Analyze your website, take a virtual walk in your customer’s shoes, test different landing page variables and use high-quality content to encourage people to buy or get in touch. Vary the content you produce, make pages visually appealing and captivating with images and video clips and provide information. Including an FAQ section is an excellent idea, an

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