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Email marketing is an excellent source of revenue for digital marketers who know how to design and write email copy.

As straightforward as it might seem, it is not a one-person job. You need a team of experts who can add value to your email marketing strategy in their unique ways. Collaboration is key to the success of any business strategy, digital or otherwise.

Of course, you’ll need tools like the digital whiteboard from Miro to sync ideas and formulate a coherent email campaign. But with the right people on your team, the time spent working together will be worth it.

Read ahead to see how to departmentalize your team to create and run an effective email marketing campaign.

  • Strategy Team


A strategist understands your business’s marketing goals, customers, budget, and lifecycle email marketing to develop the most appropriate plan for your email marketing campaign. They consider all the stages of a customer’s lifecycle when they execute triggered emails.

A strategist helps to:

  • Understand where, when, and how your emails can be profitable
  • Determine the best opportunity for revenue generation
  • Recognize product categories with a high margin or those business areas where it is easy to get orders

A good strategist helps streamline the process by understanding what and how to set something correctly on the first try, saving you time.

  • Creative Team


Anyone can draft an email and send it to their customers. However, mere words can’t excite readers and convert them into customers. You need an experienced copywriter to draft the most compelling text which can sell the message, drive engagement, and improve open and click-through rates.

An email copy differs from a webpage copy because people’s attention spans differ when reading emails. They could read it off their phones while on a bus or from their desktops in their homes.

To cater to such a diverse audience, a copywriter must write a copy that motivates readers and improves your campaign results. A powerful copy can cover a bad design or a generalized email because relevant content ultimately ropes people in.


Unlike designers for webpages or social media channels, an email designer must:

  • Develop email designs that are compatible with different devices such as mobiles, desktops, and tablets
  • Incorporate various elements of personalized content and visual design
  • Know all design constraints modern email inboxes such as Outlook and Gmail have
  • Understand how to utilize typography for emails and how it can affect conversions

A good designer knows how to present your brand, products, and content using white space, contrast, and colors to drive more conversions from readers.

  • Management


An optimizat

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