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B2B lead generation can be a real challenge without knowing the top secrets. When you settle a correct approach, though, it can be a powerful instrument for growing a company’s revenue. Email marketing is perfect when it comes to lead generation for B2B companies, since it is one of the most efficient ways of online brand promotion.

Cold emails are an irreplaceable tool. At first glance, they may seem outdated. But the truth is that well-tuned email marketing has helped many Silicon Valley startups succeed in attracting customers and building effective communications. At the same time, top-notch B2B lead generation at Belkins has helped over 400 customers increase revenue significantly. This critical task for any business should be achievable. That’s why in this article, we’ll take a closer look at cold emails as one of the most powerful options for generating B2B leads.

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In this article, you will learn:

  • Specific features of cold emails.
  • Tips to help you generate online business leads.
  • The best strategies for capturing your customers’ attention.

Best Lead Generation Practices for B2B Email Marketing

Many people wonder whether cold emails equal spam. Before we start, let’s clarify this issue. These are two completely different concepts. Spam is never personalized and includes aggressive calls to action that irritate recipients. Cold emails are aimed at starting a conversation and are totally focused on clients and their needs. Thus, your messages must be prepared separately for each client type. This is what makes B2B lead generation marketing at Belkins so effective. The company’s experts use a personalized approach to each client and adapt an email template to unique requirements of each industry they work with.

Let’s look at the main nuances that you need to pay attention to in order to create effective cold emails.

Engaging Subject Line

When users open their mail app, they immediately see the subject line. Whether they want to open the email depends on how well the subject is composed. It should be bright and short. Many experts advise making subjects up to 50 characters. This is because such an amount of text will look good on mobile devices and allow clients to read the entire topic. According to Emailmonday’s research, 77% of messages are viewed through mobile devices. Thus, a short subject line has a high chance of grabbing a client’s attention.

Polished Content

Experts at Woodpecker published research showing that personalizing emails can increase response rate by 100%. Here’s how it can be managed:

Personalize Text to Attract Business Leads

Standard greetings make emails truly boring. Users receive a lot of messages beginning with “Dear customer” every day. And if you send such an email, it is unlikely that anyone will be interested in them. The best way is to refer to the addressee by name. Take the time to find their name on social media or LinkedIn.

Take into Account the Client’s Interests

Many email systems display the beginning of an email even before a user opens it. Will they be interested in reading it? Yes, if the text is personalized and matches their interests.

Keep It Short

No one will be interested in reading a long text. Effective lead generation for B2B companies with cold emails is based on a short message. The best option is a text of 50-100 words. Make 2-3 paragraphs using short and simple sentences. This way, you will save the client’s time by showing your respect. This is greatly appreciated.

Cold Emails with a Warm Tone to Engage Business Leads

Emphasize individuality and establish sympathy in your emails. Use emoji or GIF images. But avoid overcomplicating your message as you should prepare a short text. It is also a good idea to use images at the template’s bottom but please mind their size.

Generate B2B Leads with a P.S.

This is what can help to double or even triple your click-through rates. Experts from Belkins B2B digital marketing agency believe that P.S. is a powerful tool if done right. When users open a message, they skim it quickly to identify the most valuable information, which leads them quickly to the end of the text. Using postscript, you can indicate your best offer and highlight it in bold.

Provide Contact Info

Your email must contain contact information so that the client can reach you. Put it in your signature. Also, use your real name. This is another difference between cold emails and spam since the last one is associated with fakes.

Let’s summarize this information and draw the main conclusions:

  • Successful emails contain a short subject line and body.
  • Active personalization will bring the best results.
  • Be more open to the client.
  • Adapt the template for the mobile version.

Best Cold Email Types to Win Your Client’s Attention

Now let’s look at specific techniques that will help you engage customers. The template for each email should be unique. It’s a bad idea to just copy examples from the Internet. You should be familiar with the basic principles to understand how the system works as a whole. If you want to build a top-notch marketing company, you better turn to professional B2B lead generation services.

Type 1: Use the AIDA Formula

AIDA is a consumer behavior model popular in marketing that describes the sequence of events leading to a purchase decision. It was created back in 1898 by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American advertising advocate. A is for Attention, grab the attention of a potential buyer. I is for Interest, focus on what interests them. D is for Desire, show how they can benefit from your proposal. A is for Actions, help them make a purchase or order services.

Additions from the B2B Digital Marketing Agency

Over time, this formula has changed, and another essential condition

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