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eBay UK has today announced a three year multi-million pound training and finance support package for retail businesses within the social enterprise sector. The ‘eBay for Change’ programme aims to create jobs and opportunities in marginalised and vulnerable communities which have been hardest hit socially and economically by COVID-19 by helping to grow community based businesses.

To deliver the programme, eBay has partnered with Social Enterprise UK and the World Fairtrade Organisation to give global shop fronts to small businesses who reinvest their profits back into their communities here in the UK or abroad.

eBay for Change

‘eBay for Change’ will be a hub on eBay UK connecting its 29 million UK shoppers with these small businesses each with a clear social mission. As the programme ramps up in the coming months, up to 50 businesses will start trading on the hub with this number expected to grow significantly as it scales.

Every purchase from this hub will have a direct positive impact on supporting disadvantaged communities – whether that’s providing job or training opportunities to people with a physical or learning disability or tackling social problems like homelessness, exclusion or abandoned children, improving people’s life chances, or helping the environment.

The social enterprise sector has seen huge growth over the last few years and accounts for 2 million jobs in the UK, bringing in over £60 billion to the UK economy.

Through an in-depth package of support, including zero fees, one to one digital skills training and a significant marketing investment to bring buyers to these businesses, eBay aims to positively impact thousands of jobs and livelihoods across the UK over the next three years.

“Social impact is at the heart of everything we do at goodwash. We use our profits and our business model to support local sustainable projects that make a real difference. For example during the first lockdown, Goodwash donated over 20,000 wash packages for staff and patients to the NHS trust in England and Wales.


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