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Amazon fined $886m for data law breach

Amazon has been fined $886.6m (£636m) by Luxembourg’s National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD), it states the ecommerce giant’s data processing did not comply with European Union laws.

The commission issued the fine to Amazon on 16 July according to a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing.

Amazon says in a statement: “We believe the CNPD’s decision to be without merit and intend to defend ourselves vigorously in this matter.”

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) framework demand companies gain user consent before using personal data, or risk massive fines.

The Wall Street Journal reported in June, Amazon could be fined more than $425m for violation GDPR rules.

Technology companies have seen increased scrutiny from regulators as concerns on privacy and misinformation rise. Complaints have also risen from some businesses on technology giants abusing their market power.

READ MORE: Amazon hit with $886m fine for alleged data law breach

Zoom to pay $86m for US class-action lawsuit

Video conferencing brand Zoom has stated it will pay $86m (£61m) to settle a class-action privacy lawsuit in the US.

The lawsuit accuses Zoom of invading the privacy of millions of users by sharing personal data with Facebook Google and LinkedIn.

It also says Zoom misstated that it offers end to end encryption and has failed to prevent hackers from “zoombombing” sessions.

Zoom has denied any wrongdoings but agrees to bolster security practices.

The preliminary settlement is still subject to approval by a US district judge. A provision in the settlement also states the company must provide staff specialised training in data handling and privacy.

A Zoom spokesperson says: “The privacy and security of our users are top priorities for Zoom, and we take seriously the trust our users place in us.

“We are proud of the advancements we have made to our platform and look forward to continuing to innovate with privacy and security at the forefront.”

The lawsuit was filed by Zoom Meetings paid subscribers in March 2020 and is one of several legal complaints against the video conferencing company.

READ MORE: Zoom settles US class action privacy lawsuit for $86m

Patagonia rallies creative volunteers for environmental action

PatagoniaPatagonia is calling for the creative and digital communities to offer their skills to hard-hit environmental non-profits to tackle the climate crisis.

Professional recruitment for creatives is “out of reach for non-profits” says Patagonia, which has been exacerbated by the reduction in donations over the pandemic.

To connect volunteers the clothing brand launched its digital platform Patagonia Action Works in 2018, to connect 1,000 grassroots environmental groups in the UK and globally.

Skilled volunteering opportunities can range from one hour of lunch break consultancy to a major collaboration, in fields such as translations, graphic design, web development, audience research, copywriting and social media.

So far, the platform has matched more than 2,600 volunteers with environmental non-profits yielding 55,000 hours of worked time.

In the UK alone, volunteers have given over 1,000 hours of their time to help environmental NGOs such as Protect Our Winters, London Waterkeeper, Inside Scottish Salmon Feedlots, Power for People and The Irish Wildlife Trust.

Volunteering has saved UK groups nearly £185,000 in consultancy fees.

Patagonia EMEA environmental action and initiatives director Beth Thoren says: “The past 16 months have been extremely challenging for everyone, in a multitude of ways. Environmental NGOs are struggling with reduced funding, whilst seeing the planet shift further and faster into crisis.

“We know that skilled volunteering is of huge value to environmental organisations and it is also extremely enriching to individuals looking for meaningful work, or a step up towards a career in the NGO sector. If you have digital, creative or social media skills, I urge you to visit Patagonia Action Works and find out how to get involved.”

Hyundai drives sustainability message through BBC Future Planet

Hyundai will be the exclusive sponsor of climate change publication BBC Future Planet, in a bid to reach a wider audience.

BBC Future Plante is the first major online publication with a sole focus on climate change. By sponsoring, the carmaker is aiming to reach global audiences looking to create a more sustainable world.

As part of the sponsorship the commercial content studio of BBC Global News, BBC StoryWorks, has created a documentary-style film highlighting Hyundai’s partnership with the ocean conservation organisation, Healthy Seas, to combat ocean pollution, nurture sustainable marine ecosystems, and support a circular economy.

The film shows a story of how an abandoned fish farm on the coast of Greek island Ithaca, was developed to become the solution to Hyundai’s sustainable car interiors.

Production for the film was conducted sustainably, by driving electrified vehicles from London to Greece instead of flying, the crew choosing to eat vegan meals and using solar power to charge equipment.

The film also explores the devastating effect of a storm on the fish farm, which in its wake left the sea littered with industrial waste, ropes, pipes and fishing nets.

BBC Global News EVP of international ad sales Sean O’Hara says: “Sustainable brands looking to communicate their green practices have long been commercial partners of BBC Global News due to our relevant and engaging content, our global and affluent audience, and our own commitment to being carbon neutral.”

Hyundai Motor Europe President and CEO Michael Cole adds: “Beyond providing zero-emission mobility solutions on land, we also care about protecting fragile ecosystems at sea. That is why we partnered with Healthy Seas throughout this project. With the BBC we were able to win an important partner to tell our story. Together, we have successfully overcome the tremendous logistical challenges to make this vision become a reality!”

Ladbrokes drums up anticipation for football kick-off

Ladbrokes is launching its latest campaign in preparation for the new football season and build on its ‘Drummers’ campaign from the Euro 2020 tournament.

The latest campaign is split into two parts across the week to reflect the build-up of anticipation as the week progresses.

Each week Ladbrokes will start by running an ad across TV, OOH and digital. The ad shows drummers slowly raising drumsticks anticipating the sound of commentary which builds tension and excitement for the weekend kick-off.

The second phase of the campaign will show in the ad drummers crashing sticks into their drum kits to showcase their passion and support for their clubs.

The campaign will show one set of fans this month and then refreshed with a new cast in October to show more clubs and fans.

On its advertising strategy, Ladbrokes will push a nationwide digital OOH campaign throughout the season which will deliver contextual localised messaging and tap into the big football topics of the week.

On the opening match of the season, Ladbrokes will target fans of all 92 league clubs in England with specific messages welcoming them back for the new season through a combination of OOH and digital advertising.

The ad was shot by Rogue Films, with work done by agency Neverland and media campaign planning from the7Stars.

Ladbrokes head of brand marketing Stewart Townsend says: “Our latest campaign brilliantly captures the excitement of football and helps to establish Ladbrokes as an entertainment brand. The drummers are back and we are using them to express the tension and anticipation that fans feel in the days and hours leading up to a weekend kick-off.”

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