Working from Home news is a news aggregating site where we are collecting the latest ideas, news, blog posts and thought leadership for  topics related to working from home, and earning your main income from your home base.

Times are a changing. We are faced with unprecendented terms of living and working – we didn’t ask for this but if you are here on this site it’s because you, along with thousands of others, have decided to do something about it.

Working from home is not only an option any more,  it may well be a necessity for some time to come.  We may not be able to choose whether or not we work from home but we can choose what work we do from home – what business opportunities we follow, how its going to fit with our personalities; and is our work choice going to help feed our families.

Maybe some of the luxuries of choice we had in previous years a re no longer available to us. I feel confident in the resilience of people to do what they have to do to improve their lives and that of their families.

How we go about reaching our goals are questions that can really only be answered by research and sharing ideas within a community of like minded people, and perhaps even retraining ourselves with new skills and knowledge.

Many readers may have already started on their home based income years ago and you can learn from their experiences. You may have started with the idea that you were looking for a secondary income or hobby income but now it needs to be come a primary income.

Whatever the reason you are here we will do our best to keep searching for good information to share and we wish you the very best in whatever your venture turns out to be. Please bookmark our site and get involved in commenting and sharing your ideas and stories as well.

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