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Have you already created a YouTube channel to upload your brand’s content? If not, you have come to the right place. And if you have, you will find this article useful as well to optimize your digital marketing efforts.

People love engaging with videos, which is why so many companies put so much effort into creating content for YouTube. Whether you prefer to produce your content in-house, rely on an animation company, or a combination of both, having a strong YouTube presence can help you boost your company’s marketing efforts.

The problem, though, is that many brands use the hub as a mere warehouse for their videos. That is a great way to waste all the community-building and outreach potential it provides!

To keep that from happening to you, we will go through the most important aspects to consider when building your channel. In the process, we will give you tips and tricks so you can maximize your use of the platform.

Keyword Research 101

YouTube is a place where people go largely to solve problems that arise in their day to day: they want to learn how to install a service, make a special recipe, or get the most out of a product. Your choice of keywords and content must reflect this: it should have user intent.

When it comes to posting content and selecting the best keywords to name it, you need to know what people are actually looking for. They generally don’t search for individual words like “watches” or “coffee makers,” but rather more specific terms: “The best sports watches” or “how to make a latte with an Italian coffee maker.”

For this reason, you should favor long-tail keywords. To look for them and define which ones will serve you the most, don’t stop with the first word that comes to mind; try to discover what people are trying to learn about that topic.

A good way to work out the best keywords is by typing various phrases in the YouTube search bar and paying attention to which content is most popular. If you want a more advanced tool, Google Trends allows you to set up a ‘YouTube Search’ and get hard data on that type of content.

On-Page Optimization Elements

Now that you’ve done the research to discover the best keywords to rank your content, you want to use all the resources available on YouTube to make the most of your keywords. What are those elements, and how can you balance them effectively?


Tags are the first element you must work with when positioning your keywords. Your primary goal when tagging is to inform YouTube’s algorithms about the content of your video so they can classify it.

You have limited tags to use: up to fifteen, but generally, most videos have 5-8 tags. You want to use them wisely so that you can attract your audience as well as occasional visitors who may not have been looking for your video directly. A good way to achieve this is by combining your long-tail keywords with single ones, which will give wider visibility to your video.


The purpose of optimizing your title is twofold: on the one hand, you want to take advantage of it to incorporate your keywords, but you also want your titles to be catchy enough to capture the attention of users.

Clarity is a must: a good title should inform viewers about the specific content of your video. However, you should dedicate a space in your title to say a little more about what’s distinctive about your video. For example, tutorials on “How to set up a camping tent” are many; but if you add a simple “No Special Tools Required!” you provide a value that few videos feature.


There are two schools of thought on how to use YouTube descriptions. One says that descriptions should basically reproduce the title of the video. Another holds that this is a place to add a mini-essay. Both are wrong.

Your descriptions are a great place to add both your keywords and links to your web pages and social media handles. But they are not a substitute for your video; this must be self-sufficient. After all, people turn to YouTube to watch content, not read.

The simplest tip is to front-load the most important information in the first two or three lines of the description box. Leave the rest under the ‘Show More’ button to refer users to your other places, as well as relevant playlists that may be useful to them.


Thumbnails are a great resource to capture the attention of users who are simply scrolling down the platform or watching another video. YouTube gives you the option to choose between random frames of your video. But of course, you don’t want to leave your thumbnail up to them.

There are two important considerations regarding custom thumbnails. On the one hand, you want them all to be quite similar, to incorporate your branding elements and colors so that people can associate your content with your company.

But on the other hand, you want thumbnails to complement the title of your video. By adding non-intrusive text, you can communicate something a little more interesting about what users can expect from your video.

Charisma on Command, a channel that teaches people speaking techniques, is great at doing this. For example, its video “6 Easy Ways to Charm Anyone” is coupled with the thumbnail “The 85% R

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